Some agreements were entered into by MoPay International Ltd and some of the members of the leadership team during the course of 2010 that resulted in a three-year period of relative hiatus, in compliance with the agreed terms. The agreement terms have now been fulfilled in their entirety and no further limitations or encumbrances are applicable to either MoPay International Ltd as enterprise or the pertinent members of the leadership team, in their individual capacities.

A number of long-standing MoPay agreements, relationships and interests, spread across the globe, remain available to be explored and considered as project capacities. These include access to proprietary and other infrastructure, managerial capacities, databases, also vast knowledge and contact networks in a number of associated and also non-directly associated industries.

MoPay International Ltd is publicly committed to make some resources available to assist with the furthering of the objective of making financial services more accessible to the base-of-pyramid community, and we see the BRICS initiative as a potentially powerful additional launch foundation for such efforts. We are collaborating closely with an associate enterprise in this regard, of which more information is available at

The activities and involvements of the new MoPay go much further than mobile commerce, and we have commenced with activities to see the relevant mobile technologies assume their rightful prominence in a number of mainstream domains. A case in point is the contribution MoPay leadership members are making to the activities of another associate enterprise which operates in the privacy, compliance and corporate governance spaces –  The rationale is simple, even the basic mobile technologies and applications have become part of mainstream capacities and constitute simultaneously the biggest risk and potential rescuer environments. It is our conviction that we are well-equipped and obligated to assist in this aspect being recognised and due prominence given.  This segment is being led by the founder of MoPay, Cobus Potgieter, and readers are encouraged to contact him in regard to matters specifically related to this aspect at

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