Some members of the MoPay International Ltd leadership team have just very recently resumed activities in the mobile technologies space, in compliance with the agreements concluded during 2010. However, this phase has now passed and nothing henceforth prevents involvement in projects, ventures and related processes.

MoPay has identified vendor-centric projects as the preferred focus for the next phase and by that we mean that we shall be targeting niches where the costs, service levels, security and compliance of the vendor will be the primary point of reference for the mobile technologies deployed, existing or to-be-developed.

Converged service platforms for reservations such as utilised by transport operators per example, educational communities operating as ‘cyber villages’, cyber and barter currency administrators, immediate multiple beneficiary disbursements, these are the spaces MoPay and associates will be exploring for entrepreneurial opportunities.

In practical implementation context MoPay International Ltd is currently actively evaluating currently available solutions, and also some alpha and beta stage technologies, for introduction to or duplication in BRICS-related environment.  An associated enterprise, of which more information can be attained at , houses our project financing and venture capital capacities and endeavours. Interested parties are welcome to contact us through this website, or approach EnviroDev directly at

The blurring of boundaries between e-commerce and m-commerce is a field that offers immense challenges and opportunities to enterprises, technologies and current business approaches. MoPay International leadership team members have been actively taking part in a number of initiatives and developments in this space and the ears of the hippopotamus can be observed at Suffice it to state that we approach this enterprise as simply a publishing capacity for the moment only, and that it is much more of an incubator of technologies and applications that will see actual convergence and seamless proximity of e-commerce and m-commerce serve vendors and their markets in many and more efficient manners very shortly.

MoPay International Ltd founder, Cobus Potgieter, has been doing extensive research and heading product development in the privacy, compliance and corporate governance domains during the relative hiatus years of 2010 to the present, with an obvious bias towards the mobile technology-originating tools that he believes could address some of the risks and opportunities or benefits inherent to this environment. An exciting, but demanding and challenging field in own right, it already stands on its’ own feet as enterprise and more details are available at Contact can be established per or if you know Cobus Potgieter personally, per

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