MoPay International Ltd formally commenced operations in 2004, after the previous two years were spent researching and evaluating a variety of the ‘early mover’ options in the then very young mobile commerce and -banking spaces. A roller coaster ride it was for the next seven years, one which took us a number of times around the globe, saw us having one form or another of project involvements in over sixty countries at some stage and experience first-hand many of the highs and lows of the exciting industry this has become.

MoPay people were instrumental in conceptualising and formatting numerous mobile-centric initiatives around the world, from the light bulb moments through to the User Acceptance Testing processes, and sometimes including the driving of the establishing of the operational ecosystems required. These ecosystem often involved the initial procurement of the participation of the Central Bank of a country, right through to the commissioning of a network of street agents.

MoPay International today brings to a project a wealth of knowledge, experience and the most valuable of all, an international network of people and technical capacities of the highest order. The big picture perspectives, the crucial street-level project detail, the mentoring and equally crucial brutality of assessments that are sometimes required, this is what MoPay today offers to projects- as opposed to our previous position, which was more one of a technology solution provider.

We in MoPay firmly believe that the industry is still in a most early stage of development and that the proverbial ‘scratching of the surface’ still has some way to go. We also value the contribution the bank-driven model has made to the development of the industry and with full cognisance of the opportunity costs involved as measured in the demise of many mobile commerce and banking solution providers around the world, but remain equally firm in our belief that the really exciting phases will only commence once the appropriate recognition is given to the opportunities resident in vendor-centric offerings. Read converged service platforms for reservations and transport operators, educational communities operating as ‘cybervillage’, cyber and barter currency administrators, etc.

Watch this space!

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